Examining Privilege, Racial Inequality and
Biases: Looking Inside & Transforming Outside

A Four-Week Comprehensive Course

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Do you want to move past the stress, turmoil, and judgment you're feeling around racial issues?

Are you tired of feeling attacked, criticized and misunderstood?

Are you willing to learn about unconscious conditioning and societal modeling that has impacted you and the lives of others?

Are you ready to do some self-examination, make some positive changes and be part of the solution?

Are you wanting to find common ground and break down barriers in your community?

These are challenging and unprecedented times that are creating a significant shift in our country. The stress of having to stay at home, navigate both a pandemic and its uncertainty, and be on the receiving end of attacks and hate can make you feel angry, overwhelmed and considering a new career. However, I know you got into this profession because you are passionate about serving your community, making a difference each day and serving as an example to others.
As a role model, you know that to be “the” example, you must continue to learn, grow, self-reflect and be uncomfortable. Many times, we just don’t know what we don’t know. We all have blind spots and if left unexamined, we can act in a way that are out of line with our true character.

Why I created this course

  • To help criminal justice professionals like yourself take a break from the judgments and stereotypes and have a safe space to explore the difficult topics of racism, bias, and inequality.
  • To assist you to learn how to explore the more hidden parts of yourself in a way that fosters curiosity and understanding, instead of denial and anger.
  • To provide you a step by step guide on how you can step into a new level of awareness, help those around you grow and help change the reputation of your profession.

What will I learn from this course?

Over the next four weeks I will join you on a personal journey to examine what is going on inside you and around you, and how the hard, yet rewarding internal work will transform how you show up “outside.”

The class is delivered through:

Four Weekly 90-Minute Deep Dive Content Sessions:

Each week we'll gather for an in-depth live webinar on the  one of the four modules below, containing an hour of teaching and training and then a half-hour of discussion and Q&A.

1-Hour Guest Speaker Sessions:

Guest speakers to be announced...

If you have to miss a class, no worries.  You’ll receive all the recordings and you can also send questions in for me to answer, even if you’re not present at the session.

Module 1: History Of Racism, How It’s Perpetuated & Being Part Of The Solution

  • An understanding of Colonization, slavery, Jim Crow and why separate but equal never was equal
  • How the history of policing in this country is influencing the current narrative 
  • What systemic racism is and what it is not
  • Why hate is never one sided and the solution takes all of us
  • What it means to be anti-racist
  • Why it’s hard to hate up close
  • The top 10 ways to build transformational relationships & become an effective ally

Module 2: Exploring Privilege, Equality and Equity & Understanding Explicit & Implicit Bias

  • An understanding of privilege and how it impacts your daily life
  • The ability to understand the differences between equity and equality
  • An understanding why your brain is not only your threat detector but your biggest bias generator
  • The reason you are hard wired for bias and why stereotyping is both beneficial and hindering
  • The difference between explicit and implicit bias, how it plays out in daily life and how you can start to challenge your biases effectively
  • The top 10 ways to reduce personal & organizational bias

Module 3: Why Ethics, Character & Racism Are All About The Little Things

  • An understanding of why we are not as “good” as we think
  • How emotions drive our decisions
  • Why ethical fading and situational influences affect us more than we know
  • What resetting yourself to “Zero” means and how it relates to racism
  • The top 10 strategies you can use to improve your ethics and character and be part of the solution of racism

Module 4: The Current Narrative About Law Enforcement & Establishing Trust & Legitimacy With Your Community

  • The reasons why narratives and beliefs are based on feelings not fact
  • What the research says about racism and bias in policing & why you should examine your agency data now
  • Why you can’t “fact” yourself to a resolution
  • Why agency culture is the foundation for a solution
  • Over 20 community relationship building strategies
  • Steps to help you “sell” the story of who you are and what you stand for
  • The top 10 tools to have difficult conversations inside your building and with your community about racism, privilege and the need for transformation

Included With The Course You Will receive


Recordings of every session and lifetime access to the recordings

Handouts, Worksheets, and Additional Resources

Library of Additional Videos that will help expand your learning on the topics

Course Dates:

We run this course publicly via zoom at various times of year - the next round is to be offered early in the spring of 2021, please click the button to be notified!

We also bring this course to your pre-existing group, agency, or organization at any time of year with group rates. Please click the button to initiate a conversation!

Guest Speaker Session Dates with Chief Deanna Cantrell, Chief Robert Plummer, Sheriff (Ret.) Greg Hamilton, Chief Greg Dagnan, and Commander Chip Huth to be announced.

Classes are delivered via video, you will receive a unique link to attend. Remember, you will receive recordings of all classes, and questions can be sent in advance for me to address if you have to miss a session.

I'm interested!

Guest Speakers


Chief Deanna Cantrell

Fairfield, CA Police
Date: TBA

Chief Robert Plummer

Napa CA Police
Date: TBA

Sheriff (Ret.) Greg Hamilton

Hutton, TX
Date: TBA

Chief Greg Dagnan

Police Chief at Carthage, Missouri
Date: TBA

Major Charles "Chip" Huth

Commander with the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department

Date: TBA

What People Are Saying:

“Deeply Challenged My OWN Feelings And Beliefs”

It is a rare occasion that you can take a class or attend a workshop that stimulates you to do a deep dive into your own feelings, thoughts and/or beliefs. The series put on by Dr. Miller did that. I was impressed by her knowledge and the outstanding content that she provided. I looked forward to each session and I was always eager for more at the end of the day. Great job of engaging and teaching adult learners!

Sam L. Davis (Ret.)
Ingham County Sheriff's Office, Michigan
American Jail Association Board of Directors

“Healing Here”

This was a very eye-opening course! It provides new perspectives and information that engages learners and facilitates a deeper understanding of this complex topic. Additionally, it equips you with the tools you need for personal transformation and provides the critical strategies necessary to have effective, difficult conversations, which are essential for healing and moving forward together.

Chomnan Loth
Newark Police Department, Newark, California

“Relevant, Valid, and Broadened My Perspective”

I highly endorse this course. I have been looking for a relevant and valid course on this subject for several years. All other courses I have found just cover being politically correct. There is so much information available for me to use in the future. It truly broadened my perspective regarding racial issues and biases as well as an understanding of racial privilege.
Implicit bias impacts organizations as well as individual relationships. This course helped me to recognize how much my agency needs to confront this destructive force head on, where appropriate, and to consider methods of dealing with it as we go forward in hopes of creating a more equitable and productive workplace. I highly recommend this course.

Kim Stewart
Dona Ana County, New Mexico

“Questions Thoroughly Answered – Excellent Course!”

This course was EXCELLENT! I enjoyed all the history and statistical information about the problem of systemic racism. I learn by knowing the 'why?' and this course gave me that. Dr. Miller is very interactive and always kept the class engaging. The times when I asked questions, they were always thoroughly answered. The resources for outside the class were also great and engaging.

Tatiana Gilbertson
Finance Supervisor City of Grand Junction
Grand Junction, Colorado

“Challenge your own personal beliefs and get outside your comfort zone.”

I felt the most important take away from this class was to challenge your own personal beliefs and get outside your comfort zone. It is important to see how your beliefs and actions impact those around you both negatively and positively. I think it is very important to listen to others with an open and respectful mind and to not get automatically defensive. I thought it was very helpful to look at history and the foundation of modern policing and ask what can be done better.

Danny Smith
Mission Police Department, Mission, Kansas

“Recommended If You Want To Build Trust & Legitimacy.”

Dr. Miller's Examining Privilege, Racial Inequity, and Biases was an excellent class. Prior to the course, I felt comfortable with my understanding of these issues. However, her compelling and direct presentations challenged me to be uncomfortable with my perspectives on difficult topics. The class has led me to self-reflect on myself and my agency. It has provided me with tools to have difficult conversations with my staff and the community, which will help build trust and legitimacy. The live guest speakers were also an excellent resource since it created a space to exchange information and understand our shared challenges. I am grateful for the opportunity to have taken this course and I would highly recommend you enroll in the course. You will find that it will be a challenging, yet very impactful learning experience.

Paul Matias
Mayfield Village Police Department, Mayfield Village, Ohio

“The facilitation of the course and the materials provided to guide the journey was as near perfection as I've ever experienced.”

This workshop was tremendously valuable to me in learning more about myself and the world around me. The encouragement to honestly and privately self-assess regarding equity and privilege was indescribably valuable. Dr. Miller presented the course in a purely non-judgmental but highly educated (and researched) manner. The facilitation of the course and the materials provided to guide the journey was as near perfection as I've ever experienced.

Tim M. Brown, M.A., L.P.C.
Assistant Chief of Police (Ret.)
Loveland Police Department, Colorado

“Transformational! There is no way you won’t reach your next level of excellence!”

This course is transformational!! It is packed full of valuable information to broaden your perspective on racism, bias, equality, ethics and policing, useful tools to help you uncover your hidden biases, perceptions, and judgments and enable you to engage effectively in hard conversations, and has game changing strategies you can use to build bridges in your agency and with the communities you serve. If you use what you learn from this class, there is no way you won’t reach your next level of excellence, and by doing so increase the excellence of your organization. This course comes with my HIGHEST recommendation!

Deanna Cantrell
Fairfield Police Department, California

“Evidenced-Based, Empirically Sound Training From A Trailblazing Instructor.”

Dr. Kimberly Miller's Seminar's on Racial Inequality and Social Injustice is one of the most empirically sound presentations that I have participated in. As a state of Michigan licensed Peer Specialist for the Detroit VA, and an honorably decorated Marine Corps Veteran of the Persian Gulf War I have been subjected to the implicit bias and microaggressions Dr. Miller addresses so poignantly during her training. The evidence-based research and the phenomenal professional guest speakers that were utilized to further augment this training enhanced my professional acumen exponentially.
Dr. Miller is a trailblazing pioneer in her efforts to equip professionals with the cultural competency, moral courage, and self inventory to have these difficult conversations during the most divisive time in our nation’s history in an united front to eradicate the social injustice in this country! I’m forever grateful to your commitment and passion Dr. Miller!

Mr. Kevin R. Scott, USMC, CPSS, MS, BSDirector of N.O.V.A-H.O.P.E (No Other Veteran
Alone-Healing Our People Everyday)

“Relevant, non-judgmental course, with excellent tools for difficult conversations.”

“Dr. Kimberly Miller is an excellent facilitator and I truly enjoyed her course! This material is always relevant for those in law enforcement; and can also help us engage in the necessary, but difficult conversations we need to have both inside and outside of our agencies. Dr. Miller navigates through this material in a non-judgmental fashion and promotes openness, curiosity and dialogue that helps us all to learn. One of the many things I appreciated was her attention to detail and ensuring that all voices were heard in her classes. I highly recommend this course to anyone working in law enforcement, civilian or sworn”

Rena Martinez
Director of Information Services
Fort Collins Police Services, Fort Collins, CO

“I HIGHLY recommend this course to Law Enforcement Executives and their teams.”

As the leader of a university police agency, I understand the need to provide timely training on trending topical areas that impact our profession. Dr. Miller’s online delivery of the material along with the guest speakers was on TARGET and presented in a manner that our team found educational and informative, in a way that most training courses on this topic are not presented. I signed up all of our officers to attend the course and it was received with positive feedback stating that the training was very engaging. I HIGHLY recommend this course to Law Enforcement Executives and their teams.

Joe Monroe
University of Kentucky Police Department

“The course will make you more comfortable with uncomfortable conversations.”

I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Kimberly Miller’s Examining Privilege, Racial Inequality, and Biases course. From the perspective of a law enforcement practitioner, I can assert to you that the topics presented are most certainly meaningful and relevant given the societal issues we face, and the many challenges we have in meeting the demands of policing in the 21st Century. Dr. Miller combines an academic and practical approach to these issues, allowing attendees to gain valuable insight into race, inequality, and bias. Through this, students develop a greater level of comfort in having these very complex and often times uncomfortable conversations. This increases our ability to not only be aware of inequity and inequality, but also to consider effective and logical ways to address these issues in an effort to better our system of justice and our society as a whole.

Joe Hoebeke
Hollis Police Department, Hollis, New Hampshire

“I highly recommend it to all members within the public safety industry.”

This class and curriculum is so needed right now! The subject matter covered issues that could apply to our individual departments as well as to the bigger picture culture we are experiencing in our country/world. I thoroughly enjoyed the class/workshop and highly recommend it to all members within the public safety industry.

Amy Buch
Law Operations Manager
ADCOM911, Commerce City, Colorado

“Weeks of Supplemental Materials – WOW”

This workshop includes a wealth of information in a variety of formats; far more than you would expect for the length of the course. I will be combing over the supplemental resources for weeks. Thank you for providing so much value!

Alysn Everbeck
Training Supervisor
What-Comm 911, Bellingham, WA

“Impressive, value filled course, you won’t be sorry!”

Recently I had the privilege of participating in Dr. Miller’s online program on Examining Privilege, Racial Inequality, and Biases. To say I was impressed is an understatement. This course is packed full of information, tools, strategies and more resources than you can count. This class will enable you to more successfully navigate the difficult times we are facing in this profession. As leaders it is our responsibility to learn more, stay open minded and challenge what we think we know. We also must lead by example and serve as role models for our employees and community. This course challenges you to take on new perspectives, address your biases and focus on being part of the solution. Dr. Miller is truly exceptional as a teacher, facilitator and a coach! I highly recommend this course, and encourage you to sign up, you won’t be sorry!

Colonel Michele "Mickey" Harmon
Chief Deputy
Cass County Sheriff’s Office, Fargo, North Dakota

“Exceptional Course, Full of Tools, Strategies, Techniques & Resources.”

Dr. Miller's online program that addresses racism, privilege and bias was EXCEPTIONAL!  She not only addressed the hard issues in an effective manner that helped students stay open and self-reflect, but she provided specific, tangible tools, strategies and techniques to navigate these difficult topics, explore the hidden parts of ourselves and engage in difficult conversations with others. Her course made me do a great deal of self-reflection and enabled me to engage differently with people inside and outside of my agency.  Dr Miller also provided an enormous amount of resources we can use for a lifetime and assigned effective "homework" that enabled us to deepen our understanding of each week's topics. I HIGHLY recommend this course to people at any level of an organization. It will help you enhance your understanding of these difficult topics, equip you with a full tool box and help you to reach your next level of excellence, personally and professionally. Additionally, if you are in a leadership role, this course will not only help you as a leader, but also provide you with the information and tools you need to facilitate honest and open dialogues about these difficult topics.

Chief Robert Plummer
Napa CA Police

“Must Attend, Long Overdue, Amazing Educational Course!”

This course was an amazing educational opportunity to dissect a topic that is oftentimes difficult to discuss, yet critically necessary to address. This type of program is long overdue, especially because we live within a societal culture that is often driven by the mainstream, social media, and misinformation. Through her utilization of relevant, research-based content, high quality guest speakers, scholarly resources, books, videos and visual aids, Dr. Miller provides an unmatched, comprehensive experience that is both needed and relevant to law enforcement professionals. Her delivery of information inspires self-discovery and the ability to better identify potential pitfalls in the areas of privilege, racial inequality and bias. By peeling back the layers of this complex topic, participants are challenged to explore self-awareness and internally answer the tough questions that are occasionally suppressed through normative cultural traditions and personal struggles with discomfort.

Examining Privilege, Racial Inequality and Biases: Looking Inside & Transforming Outside is a must attend course for any organization that is interested in compassionately and holistically educating their employees to be better and connect with and serve their communities in more effective ways.

Bill Webb
Captain, Support Services
University of Kentucky Police Department

Guest Speakers

Chief Deanna Cantrell

San Luis  Obispo, CA Police
Thu, 17th September, 2020

Greg Hamilton

Sheriff (Ret.)
Wed, 16th September, 2020

Edie Darling

Ambassador of Peace
Sat, 12th Sept, 2020

Chief Robert Plummer

Napa CA Police
Fri, 28th August, 2020

Chief Joseph Hoebeke

Hollis NH Police
Thu, 27th August, 2020

What People Are Saying:

Dr. Kimberly Miller is an absolute show stopper!  Her topics resonate exceptionally well with law enforcement because she has a deep understanding of our culture, the complexity of our profession, and the many challenges we face. She is passionate, dynamic, energetic and is a master facilitator who always delivers timely, important information in a way that inspires us reach our next level of excellence.

-- Chief Deanna Cantrell
San Luis Obispo Police Department, California

"I've had the pleasure of working with Dr. Miller for well over a decade. She is not only extremely knowledgeable, but also very personable and engaging with course participants. Those presentation skills are critical when exploring subjects like racism and biases."

-- Sheriff Justin Smith
Larimer County, Colorado

We brought Dr. Miller to Leavenworth as part of our Implicit Bias training curriculum.  She is a dynamic speaker and engages very well with the police officers.  Dr. Miller has the ability to take complex cultural issues and relate them to everyday law enforcement contacts.  The officers really took to her message!

-- Chief Patrick Kitchens
Leavenworth Police Dept, Kansas

“I can't think of a better person to tackle one of the hottest topics in the world right now! Dr. Miller's knowledge, experience and deep understanding of the law enforcement profession will assist any officer who attends her course. I have attended many of Dr. Miller's courses during my three terms as Sheriff of Cass County ND and I was always impressed with her style of instruction and her ability to communicate to her students. You will not regret taking the time to receive this instruction from her!”

-- Paul D. Laney
Sheriff (Ret)
Vice President-National Sales
TurnKey Corrections 

So, What's the investment?


Well, you're actually going to get an amazing deal. Because if I delivered these classes live, in person, the class would be significantly more expensive, at least $700.00. AND... you wouldn't have access to all the additional resources, videos, articles, and lifetime accessibility to the recordings to enhance your learning that I now include.

Thus, with the added value I can offer in an online format, this course could command an even higher ticket - and that's not what I'm going to do.

I want this world-changing subject matter in the hands of as many professionals as I can, so I'm going to do something where you just can't say no.

I'm offering the 4 Main Classes and Q & A, the multiple Guest Speakers, and a huge library of Audios, Videos, Articles, Interviews, and other Resources, for only:

I'm Interested!


If you have a large group 20+ who would be interested in the training for a discounted group rate, reach out to me at [email protected]


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So, are you ready?

If you have made it this far, I know you are looking for healing, hope and are ready to take a deep dive into this work. I will be honored to have you in this class on the journey with me to move beyond the chains of the past and co-create a more positive, equitable, and peaceful society. The first step starts with you, come join me!

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  • Handouts, Worksheets, and Additional Resources
  • Library of Additional Videos that will help expand your learning on the topics

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  • Recordings of every sessions and lifetime access to the recordings
  • Handouts, Worksheets, and Additional Resources
  • Library of Additional Videos that will help expand your learning on the topics

Dr.Kimberly Miller

Expert Police & Public Safety Psychologist


Dr. Kimberly Miller is a police & public safety psychologist and a sought-after speaker, consultant and trainer who has been inspiring and motivating individuals in our profession for over 16 years. She is a strength-based facilitator of individual and organizational change and is known for her relationship-based approach to her work and the skill-based, engaging training and consultation services she offers. She uses workshops, coaching and organizational interventions to improve not only the individual line-level employee skills but also work to improve supervision, management, and the entire organization.